Hannes Bend

Hannes Bend researched in neuroscience and published papers on Virtual Reality, visual stimuli and meditation.

The studies of Bend’s team from The Institute of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Alemàn Lab at the University of Oregon won “Best Presentation Award in the panel “Wellbeing Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science” at the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposia 2016 at Stanford University. Research and Augmented and Virtual Reality projects were also developed and/or presented at MIT Media Lab, Harvard University, Frost Museum of Science, The Rubin Museum of Art among others.

Hannes Bend has been working with 50+ scientists, psychologists, developers and artists from renowned universities and created multiple continents for VR/AR biofeedback projects, also for Wim “The Iceman” Hof.

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Lewey Geselowitz

Industry leading expert at 3D user interfaces, developing the next generation of multi-dimensional ecosystem visualization products.

– Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB working on Star Wars and related franchises across VR installations (Carne-y-Arena and VOID), AR on Magic-Leap and On-Set film technologies.

– AAA 3D Graphics and Interaction Developer for Games, Apps and Platforms at Microsoft: ~12 years

– Pioneer on early HoloLens (Augmented Reality) and Kinect (Gestural Interaction) Teams: ~7 years

– Over 40 Side-Projects now at

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Crystelle Desnoyer

Strategy & Business Development Executive

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8.5 years of experience in management consulting helping over 28 Global tech. companies in many fields serving as their Marketing & Business Development Manager aiming at growing their business in the US.

Industries: CPG, Solar Trackers, CSR Reporting Software & Services, AI, AR, VR, Product Manufacturing/Sourcing in China, Machine Automation, MedTech, Open Source data analytics software, eCommerce Saas software, Electronics, Mobile apps, Digital Agencies.


Mathew Lazarus

Archbolt / University of Pennsylvania

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Mathew helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and impact ventures succeed by co-creating strategic roadmaps, digital products and go-to-market initiatives that result in sustainable growth.

Having worked with brands like Nestle, SAP, Unilever and Prudential, Mathew is experienced in healthcare, real estate, finance, retail, hospitality, sports and government.

Javier Agüera Reneses

Inventor & Entrepreneur | Making Technology Disappear at

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Over the past 10 years: product ideation and strategy (8 smartphones designed & produced), go-to-market and business development (with launches in flagship mobile carriers across 3 continents), manufacturing and supply chain (partnerships with major ODMs and semiconductor companies) and general start-up lifecycle (growth, M&A and capital/debt financing).

Nina Hersher

Hersher runs a trade collective called The Digital Wellness Warriors and is owner and founder of Nourishing Habits™  a consulting company dedicated to best practices in digital productivity and self-care for balanced living in the 21st century.

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Nina Hersher holds her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis with an individualized degree in Digital Culture and Program Development. Hersher is also a certified Oasis in the Overwhelm Facilitator and meditation teacher. Hersher’s background in mental health and wellness programming led to her specialization in digital wellness consulting and coaching. Hersher has extensively researched norms on connectivity in the 21st century and how technology is reconceptualizing human development. Hersher views digital wellness as the intersection of technology and mental health and believes that because this is such a new field, we have a collective, ethical responsibility to research it, documenting everything from presenting problems to proposed solutions.

Julius Dreyer


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I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years. It’s my passion to build great companies. Together with my two brothers, I started companies in Germany, Hong Kong, China and Spain. We believe in wholesome, conscious work environments, that nurture everyone working there and produce outstanding products delivering happiness to their users and the world.

Currently I am head of products and general manager of our Barcelona based PlayaMedia S.L. which is dedicated to community management and marketing.

Vighnesh Rege

Software Engineer at Facebook

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Andrew Dunn

Siempo / Wharton

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Andrew Dunn is an SF-based social entrepreneur and community builder. As CEO of Siempo, he helps people build healthier relationships with technology through the first smartphone interface designed to support mental health and wellbeing. Andrew is also an advisor to MindHood and co-founder at Wharton Wisdom, Digital Wellness Warriors and Conscious Angels.

Simon Roberts

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Seasoned entrepreneur specialising in Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, Creative Direction, Marketing, and Fundraising. 12 years, 10 startups, +$11 million in revenue and funds raised, across 4 cities.

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