+  Improve your performance, immune system & focus

+  Enhance your health with every screen interaction

+  Visuals adapt to users’ bio-metrics using machine learning

+  Generate calming states of mind using a patented Adaptive Interface (lowering of heart of 10+ beats per minute within seconds of personalization, see video)

+  Science- & patent-based (see “RESEARCH” on how deep breathing improves attention & health)


Our latest prototype detects heart rate via phone/webcam and personalizes screen colors and fonts using machine learning.  personalizes screen experiences (a patent-based design)

The camera of the screen devices (webcam or mobile phone cam) and machine learning detect the heart rate and/or breathing pattern of the user.

-> The “Adaptive Interface” (patent) of analyzes which color/font style/brightness/contrast etc. affects heart rate and/or breathing pattern

-> customizes the output data of the screen (app, website, text editor etc.) for a personalized experience

-> continues to personalize the screen experience to support e.g. deeper breathing or calmer states of the user.

The “Adaptive Interface” can also adapt the screen experience in other forms based on biometrics and types of machine learning. The “Adaptive Interface” also covers audio and olfactory devices and a variety of machine learning applications.

The “Adaptive Interface” (patent) of can personalize text editors, apps, websites and other screen-based applications.

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